Product Design:

The Haute Lamp

Design Statement:



Ms. Bailey wants to update her guest room/office on a small budget and is in need of lighting and accessories. Ms. Bailey prefers clean designs with a splash of drama and glamour. She wants her multipurpose room to feel sophisticated and organized.

Design Concept:


Design a luminaire in a contemporary style with an emphasis on luxury. Since space is limited the luminaire will be small and function as both lighting and an art piece. To reduce expense, a portion of the luminaire will be comprised of items already in Ms. Bailey’s possession.


Luminaire Description: 


This luminaire is a contemporary design with a square wooden base wrapped in sumptuous faux crocodile skin. The exposed bulb design highlights an opulent gold crown bulb. The luxurious gold painted frame that surrounds the bulb gives the tailored structure of a shade while the open design and clean lines prevent visual clutter.


Project Role:


  • Created a Lamp Proposal

  • Sketched Lamp Design

  • Constructed Lamp

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