Residential Project:

Tree House Project

Design Statement:


Alexander and Corinne Norris are both professors at Stanford University in the Environmental Sciences Department. During their downtime, they love to spend time enjoying the outdoors. Some of their favorite activities include hiking, mountain biking, and canoeing. Due to their love of nature, they have decided to build a vacation home in the trees. This house is to be their retreat during the summer months. Alexander works part-time during these months and, therefore, will need an area for work. Corinne has time off and needs a quiet place to relax. The Norris' do not pay much attention to trends of color or Pottery Barn styles. They are creative, unique and happy to be living their dream.­­­


Design Concept:


Design a tree house vacation home that encourages relaxation. The tree house will incorporate multiple zones for rest and leisure activities. A work area will be included that blends seamlessly with the overall tone of tranquility. The tree house will include conveniences of a modern home while maintaining simplicity and connectedness with the outdoors. The home will embrace elements of sustainable design. The house will be located near the Oregon Forest. 

Project Role:


  • Designed Original Tree House Exterior and
    Interior Floorplan in Revit

  • Specified Furniture, Finishes, and Equipment

  • Constructed Design Board

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Preliminary Treehouse Sketch