Commercial Project:

GTC Faculty Resource Room

Design Statement:

The Faculty of Gwinnett Technical College requires a space to share, mentor and train Best Practices for professional development. This will be a resource-based environment with access to teaching resources. The faculty will require a communal meeting space for 4-6 occupants to share teaching techniques. The faculty also desires a technical area for 4-6 occupants to record lectures or presentations (computers to be available with mediascape). Coffee services will be offered. 

Design Concept:

Design a faculty resource room that features a communal area for collaboration and a technical area for recording lessons. Both areas will be light and airy and incorporate warm neutral colors and reflective surfaces. Plants will be incorporated in order to make the environment more inviting. There will be hidden storage to keep the space open and organized. The furniture will be flexible in order to keep the rooms functional while keeping the small space uncluttered. Acoustical material will be provided for walls. Flooring will feature floor tiles in order to help with acoustics and ¬will offer the flexibility of being replaced if necessary. 

Project Role:  

Specified Furniture, Finishes, and Equipment 
Constructed Design Board 
Created Floorplan in Revit
Created Furniture Plan in Revit
Created Electrical Plan in Revit
Created Perspective Drawing in Revit
Rendered Drawing by Hand

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Room 703A: Perspective